Essay lesson 37–2 : A robot boy

Edward looked like a normal little boy. His dad Victor was a very famous inventor. Victor had invented a robot like a little boy. This is the most valuable thing he had done. This little robot boy was called Edward.

Victor loved Edward the little robot boy very much since it was very cute and had good behavior. Victor took care of his little robot boy very well and taught him a lot of knowledge.

If Edward needed something, Victor would definitely buy it for him. When Edward did not know how to fix a problem, Victor would definitely tell Edward the answer. Victor and Edward looked like a family. However, Victor did not tell Edward that he had been created by him.

Years and years later, Victor became very old and Edward became a handsome young man with a lot of knowledge and data in his brain. One day, Victor felt very tired and could not hear what Edward was talking about. Edward was very sad and thought about whether he should take Victor to the hospital. However, he realized that he couldn’t cry.

After five hours of rescuing, Victor was awake. Edward asked Victor why he could not cry. Victor finally told Edward the story of him. Victor told Edward he loved him no matter how. They lived happily everafter.